Wrong tab active page in Options -> Shell menu extensions

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    Even in 17.00.69, when accessing Options -> Shell Menu Extensions, the tab control for “Menu items”, has always “Extraction” as the active page. I mean, each time we access this window, the focused tab is “Extraction”. Seems that in the VCL designer you accidentaly left that active.

    It is not a big problem, but only an usability issue. By the standard, first tab is the one which should be focused, in that case, it should be “Compression” and not “Extraction”.

    Anyway, and as a feature request, it would be nice if PA could remember the active section on the Options dialog (View, Folders, Locations, …), and automatically activate last section you visited. This behaviour could also be applied to “Compression” / “Extraction” tabs, making PA remember last state of the window.

    I have filled it as PA-479…

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    thanks! logged in

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