Fast Ring: PowerArchiver 2017 17.00.64/65/66

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    Release Notes - PowerArchiver - Version 17.00.64/65

    ** Improvement
    * [PA-32] - Save setup choices in registry (checkboxes)
    * [PA-532] - PAOP Update
    * [PA-813] - add RWZ to the compressed extensions in strong/fast modes
    * [PA-824] - change reflate/hif codec switches
    * [PA-830] - speed up .pa file list loading
    * [PA-834] - add .md to the auto preview text list
    * [PA-835] - update zstd2 to zstd3

    ** Task
    * [PA-837] - update patchbeam web page link

    ** Bug
    * [PA-19] - PA associates with archives during installation
    * [PA-189] - Cannot cancel RAR extraction
    * [PA-407] - associate asks to associate again after installation
    * [PA-481] - 125 DPI in inno installer
    * [PA-804] - ratio % off if block size is over 4GB
    * [PA-814] - W7 installation freezes at “Registering files”
    * [PA-818] - Finnish installer shows incorrect language text
    * [PA-819] - Installation always in English
    * [PA-823] - Progress window title bar shows wrong filename when extracting via extract button
    * [PA-829] - Cannot cancel PA extraction from main PA extract button

    Release Notes - PowerArchiver - Version 17.00.65

    ** Improvement
    * [PA-839] - make secure aes default aes implementation in .pa format

    ** Bug
    * [PA-681] - backup - issue with using pa and winaes
    * [PA-746] - Filename encryption not working when SECURE AES selected for PA format
    * [PA-776] - Filename encryption in PAES does not work (fast aes)
    * [PA-798] - extract archive to… menu does not appear in shell
    * [PA-817] - Deleting archives on Windows 7 (files in use)
    * [PA-849] - Update translations for PowerArchiver and Setup

    PA 2017 17.00.66 download:

    PA 2017 17.00.66 Portable download:

    Whats New
    Fixes for reported issues from Beta 1. Major change is that we have updated our Zstandard implementation to ZSTD3 with updated mt wrapper module. We have also made “secure aes” default encryption codec. As a reminder, secure aes uses BWTS codec to scramble data before aes encryption that is done by validated (fips 140-2) modules from Windows. It speed peaks at around 50MBs but is overall more secure than just standard aes implementation. We have also enabled header encryption for secure aes as well.

    So please test AES encryption and lets make sure everything works properly before it gets released to the wild next week.

    Thanks everyone and have a nice weekend!

    PA Team
    ConeXware, Inc.

  • why isn’t available via patchbeam?

  • conexware

    @guido said in Fast Ring: PowerArchiver 2017 17.00.64:

    why isn’t available via patchbeam?

    it is more like an alpha… few more fixes left plus need to check this one too.

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