PA Archive encryption trouble

  • Hi there

    I am having problems compressing and encrypting using the PA format.
    I am running Windows 10 Btw.

    1. I hit compress with options.
    2. Select PA format
    3. If I select “Secure AES” I immediately get the password dialog with no option to encrypt file names. At this point if I press cancel it defaults to “Fast AES”.
    4. If I select “Fast AES” I can encrypt file names.

    I have tested the created archive and I can confirm that the file names under “Secure AES” are not encrypted.

    Now I also have a question:
    What exactly is the difference between Fast and Secure AES?


  • conexware

    Hi @Mameluke

    Here is some info on Secure AES:

    Secure AES 256 bit encryption – For added security, we use the BWTS algorithm to scramble the data before AES, so attackers can not use LZ compression redundancy and other plaintext attacks to quickly check if given password is valid. This makes .pa format considerably more secure than ZIP AES. For the AES encryption module, we use FIPS 140-2 validated modules from Windows so you can rest assured that AES implementation has been tested and validated.

    from our blog post at;

    Filename encryption in Secure AES has been disabled for now as we are working on it.


  • conexware

    @Mameluke in b2, secure aes will become standard and you will be able to use encrypt filenames option on it… Secure AES uses both BWTS to scramble data as well as secure modules from Windows for AES, so it might end up slower than fast aes mode… but thats still 50 MBs or so and considerably more secure.

  • conexware

    @Mameluke Please check .64 release:

    Secure AES is now only option and you can use encrypted filenames…

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