Unzipped files ending in the recycle bin

  • Alpha Testers

    If you unzip 'zip’files in explorer, using right mouse click, no problems. You can manage where, how, etc…
    If you use the left mouse click to start immediatley the unzipping, then you call for problems… I don’t know if this is directley related with PA.
    See what happens :

    • I created an encrypted zip file via PA
      Now I am in a hurry and use the left mouse button to unzip it :
      A new sub folder is created with the unzipped file ready to open…
      The job is finished but you can notice that there are two .doxc files (original in main folder, a second in the new created sub folder)
      So I delete the sub folder… and see the FINAL result of this action :
      My encrypted zip file is now transfered to the recycle bin.
      This way you can loose all your files in a zip archive if you deleted the original unzipped… lucky there is a recycle bin.

  • conexware

    @pirrbe hello Pierre… what explorer replacement are you using?

    When you left click on zip in that explorer replacement, it opens up the zip file, it is not a folder, it is a zip file. So when you delete that “folder”, you actually deleted zip file. You can see that the “folder” has name .zip, so it is not a folder, it is a zip file that your explorer replacement is showing under folder icon.

    In any case, this is how your explorer replacement works, it is not due to PA.

  • Alpha Testers

    @spwolf You are wright ! The whole hocus pocus is due to the explorer I use. It’s Directory Opus 12 Pro. When I use the explorer from Win10, no problem at all. As my remark in the forum is not relevant for PA users, please can you delete it from the forum. Thanks, and next time I will double check observations with ‘classic’ software :-).

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