Is Power Archiver 2001 6.11 Still Free

  • Users That have Power Archiver 2001 version 6.11
    Can Still Use it , Still have License for This freeware Version

    What is The position of Power archiver Staff

  • powerarchiver is now shareware the free versionis still around but it does bot support larg zips or 7zip and is not supported any more

  • conexware

    For all we care, you can keep using it forever. However since it is not distributed anymore, you should not really install it on new computers. That being said, we dont care.

    What we care about is that it is an +4 year old software full of its own bugs. A lot of people still preffer it to the other freeware zip however I RECCOMEND anyone to use newer software that was designed for newer operating systems and has its issues fixed!

    I really dont reccomend the use of PA 6.xx or any other PA version than latest, or of any other software for that matter. We improve PA working on it on daily basis and we feel that is what you should use.


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