PowerArchiver 2017 17.00.42/43 - "private beta"

  • conexware

    New Version:

    Release Notes - PowerArchiver - Version 17.00.42

    ** Improvement
    * [PA-521] - Show hidden files in explorer
    * [PA-552] - Ability to enter proxy information for online registration
    * [PA-571] - apps have aero enabled with skins, so their form bg is not skinned
    * [PA-573] - black treeview selection when out of focus
    * [PA-578] - select number of threads for ZIP format
    * [PA-589] - implement portable PA shell icon, different color
    * [PA-590] - CLONE - black treeview selection when out of focus

    ** Task
    * [PA-380] - new paclib - set number of threads
    * [PA-510] - implement latest e6 dll

    ** Bug
    * [PA-18] - Interface issues with specific Reg
    * [PA-400] - with archive view, folders + explorer, create new> Backup and close, PA interface changes
    * [PA-471] - explorer mode: window sizes not saved, left panel black text
    * [PA-482] - changing to explorer, often black text
    * [PA-483] - 125 DPI Encrypt tool
    * [PA-505] - Encrypt filenames not working in PA format
    * [PA-506] - ZPAQ creates all files in 00000001 folder inside archive
    * [PA-507] - Include Icon on desktop has space between Power and Archiver in it
    * [PA-509] - reflate with split*4 does not work
    * [PA-512] - .35 - main window without filelist, explorer mode only one panel
    * [PA-513] - .35 - 4k issues with add screen
    * [PA-518] - PA Interface jumps around and flickers when closing backup
    * [PA-523] - Strings not translated in PA compression profile in config
    * [PA-529] - 125 DPI issues in 35
    * [PA-530] - parctmp temp files left in folder when copying files in Total Commander
    * [PA-531] - FTP Proxy password visible when typing it in and stays visible in config
    * [PA-533] - Unchecking Enable queue in config shuts down PA Starter?
    * [PA-534] - Password prompt appears when Always use QUEUE turned on
    * [PA-536] - .36 - missing folder pictures in listview
    * [PA-538] - PA freezes when switching from Explorer to Archive tab
    * [PA-540] - Backup: encryption not available for PA format
    * [PA-542] - PAES: no output when files from different locations on hard drive are selected
    * [PA-543] - PAES: PAE Encryption freezes when encrypting files from different folders
    * [PA-544] - .dat files left in Temp folder when PAES used
    * [PA-545] - .38 issues with creating new archive
    * [PA-546] - .38 after HKCU delete, no right panel listview in explorer view.
    * [PA-555] - No compression when Use Queue selected in add screen
    * [PA-556] - Compress to TAR plus Options shell option left over from previous versions
    * [PA-560] - Portable: Make Explorer windows 50/50 in size
    * [PA-562] - Portable: First Config screen appears every time portable is started
    * [PA-563] - Cant start 64bit portable
    * [PA-564] - PAES in portable?
    * [PA-565] - Portable shell extensions not showing
    * [PA-567] - Open button MRU not kept
    * [PA-568] - Saved password do not show
    * [PA-569] - after startup, left panel black font
    * [PA-570] - white icons in status bar, default skin
    * [PA-572] - selecting files in archive mode, after several times, PA crashes
    * [PA-574] - .pa compression profile options not translated, translated in other formats
    * [PA-575] - closing backup redraws main PA toolbar significantly
    * [PA-580] - exe files in archive with PA in cyrilic alphabet show ??? as type

    • Thanks to all of our @Alpha-Testers for their testing so far. This is 2nd private beta build for our select users. We aim to have a public build next week. Compared to first .34 build, this version has many improvements. We also managed to move our Delphi IDE to latest release which will help with other upcoming releases (aptx, linux, etc).

    • .PA format has been optimized for up to 20 thread cpus. We fixed some issues such as compression of PDFs on 10+ thread cpus (settings issue) plus optimized thread and memory usage. New exe filter has been introduced (x64flt3) which has proven to be more reliable and performing well with exe/dll compression while being very fast (well over 100 MBs), which makes it usable for both Optimized Strong and Optimized Fast modes. We expect at least new rep filter (deduplication) by the time final arrives. We will increase its maximum possible usage to over 2 GB of RAM as well as improve its speed to over 50% of what it is today (so minimum of 75 MBs hopefully). This will enable much better compression for files over 2 GB (for instance, large software ISOs). After that we are already neck deep into R&D of several other possible codecs to add.

    • We changed our base installation to Inno Setup from Windows Installer. Windows Installer will still be available for business users. Main reasons were:

    1. Speed of installation - Inno Setup is much faster.
    2. Reliability of installation - Inno Setup does not quit installation as easily as MSI. Where MSI would rollback to old version at any sight of trouble (usually erroneous), Inno will soldier through and finish installation. In reality, PowerArchiver is designed to need basic minimum installation.
    3. Ability to reliably host both x86 and x64 installations in same package. This was crucial and main reason for the change. We had problems with our MSI based installer hosting both versions in same package. Due to .PA format, it was imperative for most of our users to use x64 versions of PA, because then we can use their systems to the maximum (memory being most important).

    First private 17.00.34 release was MSI based. New setup should uninstall old MSI version and install new MSI version. Let us know if there are any issues during this stage.

    • By the time public beta arrives, we will also introduced portable versions of PA 2017 (x86 and x64), new PowerArchiver for Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel) and new PACL. They are all well into final testing stages. All 3 will be free updates for older users that have personal license or newer users with valid Select plan.

    Thanks for being our users and we hope you like new PA 2017, .PA format as well as upcoming Portable PA, PA for Office and new PACL.


    PA Team,
    ConeXware, Inc.

    p.s. this private beta is available to users with valid select plan via their account or through purchase of PA 2017 via special email offers. As such, we will not post public links until public beta is released.

  • conexware

    New Version:

    Release Notes - PowerArchiver - Version 17.00.43

    ** Improvement
    * [PA-594] - PAOP: use .PA compression levels when PA format selected

    ** Task
    * [PA-595] - paop - set ZIP as default format
    * [PA-600] - installer: remove 17.00 from name
    * [PA-605] - paop: installation name: PowerArchiver for Office

    ** Bug
    * [PA-568] - Saved password do not show
    * [PA-591] - preview archive inside pa - dropdown shows with “new button” later
    * [PA-592] - Installing 42 on 32bit OS installs 41?
    * [PA-593] - PAOP: Change ZTE text to PAOP in “ask to use ZTE” checkbox
    * [PA-601] - paop: save as encrypted zip in Word shows encryption window in the end
    * [PA-602] - PAOP: Compress & Encrypt does not work
    * [PA-603] - disable changing compression format in compression profiles for PA
    * [PA-604] - disable ability to rename default formats for Zpaq, Wim and PA

    • Small update release. Please download it via Patchbeam if you have PA 2017 installed. Thank you!

  • conexware

    Release Notes - PowerArchiver - Version 17.00.48

    ** Improvement
    * [PA-410] - drag and drop on .pa archive icon does not work
    * [PA-469] - progress issues .28
    * [PA-508] - add back ability to select threads used in optimized modes
    * [PA-549] - files in use error for .pa format
    * [PA-619] - compressed file step - used zstd2 for compressed files
    * [PA-620] - tab in Add window out of order
    * [PA-625] - explorer mode: when we restart, personal folders not used, drills down to actual path
    * [PA-636] - lepton support added (jpeg compression)
    * [PA-637] - maximum threads used under optimized steps
    * [PA-638] - use x64flt3 in optimized

    ** Task
    * [PA-255] - test opening, adding, extracting - shell, main, x64 and x86 for all formats
    * [PA-606] - turn on empty folder saving in .pa format
    * [PA-608] - shell doesnt change destination folder, error when same file being compressed in different paths (windows search)
    * [PA-610] - incomplete - check if optimized or lzma2 are defaults
    * [PA-615] - backup: remove custom option from .pa format strength options
    * [PA-616] - add maximize button for add window

    ** Bug
    * [PA-216] - shell crash with this reg
    * [PA-258] - cannot create .pa files - 32bit powerarc.exe
    * [PA-374] - 32bit shell not registered again
    * [PA-375] - mru does not work/show in quickjump list, file menu or from compr. w options
    * [PA-385] - Help Buttons in apps going to wrong links
    * [PA-399] - first start without reg, powerarc.exe shows as loaded
    * [PA-403] - remove columns from archive filelist, go to shell, compress to options, add window - columns reset next time
    * [PA-454] - PA crashes when creating .pa archive via shell on certain files (mp3, png)
    * [PA-467] - drag and drop onto 7z, default selection in Add window is .pa
    * [PA-477] - batch zip: progress text cut off, too small minimum size
    * [PA-503] - PAdebug not debugging when PA format used in backup
    * [PA-504] - Encryption not available for PA format in backup
    * [PA-518] - PA Interface jumps around and flickers when closing backup
    * [PA-526] - Set installation defaults from explorer tab, restarts in explorer tab
    * [PA-534] - Password prompt appears when Always use QUEUE turned on
    * [PA-554] - Browse button in Add window not working
    * [PA-557] - Windows Preview enabled even though unchecked in 39 installer
    * [PA-585] - Portable: Interface freezes when opening archive and clicking Explorer tab
    * [PA-587] - Encryption icon missing for PA format inside archive
    * [PA-611] - backup - optimized fast, super fast shows an error
    * [PA-621] - PA format options in Config>Compression profiles not saved
    * [PA-622] - ZPAQ and WIM compression strength dropdown in config in incorrect position
    * [PA-627] - add window does not save maximized state
    * [PA-628] - PA Cloud not skinned black
    * [PA-630] - Encrypt to PAE2 thru shell and filename inside archive is not shown properly
    * [PA-631] - Encrypt to OpenPGP thru shell creates PAE2
    * [PA-633] - 4k: large dpi support broken in paes
    * [PA-635] - starter: different fonts in dialogue

    Many changes since last public release of private beta. Most important one was addition of jpeg codec in Optimized Strong mode as well as compressed file step which uses faster compression mode when compressing already (heavily) compressed data.

    Please continue letting us know of any issues you find, no matter how small they seem.

    Thank you for all of your support!

    PA Team
    ConeXware, Inc.

  • conexware

    Release Notes - PowerArchiver - Version 17.00.50

    ** Improvement
    * [PA-584] - .pa - no error when bad password entered
    * [PA-642] - patchbeam: only update latest version
    * [PA-647] - add .jpeg, .jpe, .jfif, .ji to jpg compression step in optimized strong
    * [PA-658] - move jpg over 64MB to compressed files step (right now in general step)

    ** Task
    * [PA-450] - offline help: wrong help file opened when archive on different drive than PA installation.

    ** Bug
    * [PA-486] - Tar.z file not opening/extracting in PowerArchiver
    * [PA-639] - Extracting .PA files does not show progress bar properly
    * [PA-645] - Cannot compress folder when Queue turned on

    Smaller changes, fixes and improvements. Have a nice weekend.

    PA Team
    ConeXware, Inc.

  • conexware

    Release Notes - PowerArchiver - Version 17.00.57 (since .50)

    ** Improvement

    • [PA-652] - winaes - error optimization
    • [PA-654] - use skin bg in preview
    • [PA-656] - save burner window size if user clicks on back button
    • [PA-659] - .tar.z files should be extracted directly like .tar.gz
    • [PA-667] - deltb filter: improved settings for better progress reporting
    • [PA-672] - shell compression options windows does not save last used setting
    • [PA-686] - portable: user selection for x86 or x64 installation
    • [PA-687] - portable: burner using main PA registration
    • [PA-690] - skins: reset back to default file format icons when default skins are used
    • [PA-691] - skins: set missing format icons to default icon
    • [PA-696] - expand PA starter do you want to close screen
    • [PA-702] - remove codecs from folders in file list
    • [PA-704] - add more extensions to exe/dll step under optimized strong
    • [PA-705] - show update message when unsupported method error is shown in .pa
    • [PA-708] - adjust jpeg compression step with new settings for buffer and failover
    • [PA-719] - apk in reflate only in extreme setting
    • [PA-720] - adjustment settings for exe/dll step
    • [PA-724] - unsupported codec error message on doubleclick and preview in archive
    • [PA-727] - Expand default sort fields size
    • [PA-734] - portable: disable update check
    • [PA-754] - implement new bwt1 codec for text

    ** Task

    • [PA-581] - patchbeam troubleshooting
    • [PA-674] - disable hints of .pa archives
    • [PA-675] - ppmd set memory usage to match total file size like rep1
    • [PA-692] - testing test with winaes archives
    • [PA-710] - create debug dll shell version for deployment
    • [PA-711] - check task scheduler starting deleted backup script
    • [PA-712] - dynamic mem allocation for rep under zstd2 (compressed step)
    • [PA-713] - set defaults resets old values for some formats
    • [PA-714] - add (Advaced Codec Pack) next to PA radio button
    • [PA-722] - jpeg memory setting, round up by 1MB

    ** New Feature

    • [PA-697] - jumplist with recent files and backups mru, as well as new file/backup entries.
    • [PA-698] - estimate compressed file size inside solid archives (.pa and .7z)
    • [PA-706] - bsc as new text codec for text step
    • [PA-707] - create reflate/text optimize strong step
    • [PA-716] - compression step for wav and bmp files
    • [PA-731] - in optimize strong: normal, compressed file step has full mem always, no need for compressed step?
    • [PA-758] - implement bwt2 and qlfc2 codec for text
    • [PA-759] - implement bwt2 and qlfc2 for reflate/text step

    ** Bug

    • [PA-387] - Stopping Backup freezes PA
    • [PA-470] - of-normal wrong rep mem setting (not set at all)
    • [PA-537] - shell: create latest debug shell dll?
    • [PA-668] - clicking on OK in config reloads current skin
    • [PA-671] - jpeg over 64 MB step - rep1 memory not set to total file size
    • [PA-683] - backup: browse button not shown under some resolutions in my computer tab
    • [PA-693] - reuse windows does not work
    • [PA-694] - error during switching between archive and explorer and then closing PA
    • [PA-699] - PA .51 installs as portable on 32bit OS
    • [PA-717] - reflate not using mt2 anymore?
    • [PA-718] - cant delete lepton compressed files from archive
    • [PA-723] - nag screen a bit off
    • [PA-725] - exe/dll step does not work with 2/19 internal build
    • [PA-726] - reset trial, codec pack trial should use same date
    • [PA-728] - cannot register .53
    • [PA-729] - Updating to 2017 from 2016 and 2017 offline code does not work
    • [PA-732] - optimized strong: lzma2 set with c1M and mt2
    • [PA-733] - portable: first run shows associate window
    • [PA-736] - pa mini does not extract specific .pa archive, shell does
    • [PA-743] - Add window via Add button missing Select Files/Folder and Remove button
    • [PA-745] - .PA compression progress dialog does not show filenames compressed

    Whats New

    New text codec (bwt/qlfc), 3x-4x faster than previous one.
    Failover for jpeg codec implemented
    Lots of fixes and improvements
    Please check it out and let us know if your bugs noted above are fixed indeed.


    PA Team
    ConeXware, Inc.

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