Bad Links in "Credits"

  • FYI: On the credits link from the “About Page” for Powerarchiver v9.20.06 is:

    “For compression and decompression of BZIP2 compressed files (.bz, .bz2, .tbz, .tbz2) PowerArchiver makes use of LIBBZ2.DLL. The BZIP2 project is completely free and available to everyone. More information can be found at
    We wish to give thanks to everyone who helped us create PowerArchiver, and send a special thanks to the following people:
    · David Cornish
    –- who improved explorer shell extensions, added SFX CAB support, created the original toolbar skin, offered many suggestions, found many bugs, and provided many solutions to problems. You can get David’s wonderful SFX Maker here.”

    1. appears not to exist.
    2. There is an underlined link “here” after “SFX Maker” that points to , which says only “serving you at the speed of light”

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