VirusScan Problem

  • Hi!

    PA VirusScan feature requires full path to the virus scanner EXE file

    I use Norton AntiVirus 2005.
    So I chosen “NAVW32.EXE” in Configuration>Program Locations…

    But it doesn’t work. PA still show “You must configure virus scanner before using this feature…” message.

    Then I provided full path to NAVW32.EXE:
    “С:\Program Files\Norton Internet Security\Norton AntiVirus\NAVW32.EXE
    And it works fine…

    So this is a bug:
    WinZIP works fine with “NAVW32.EXE” (only exe file name)


  • Just use a really right AV-Scanner like McAfee ;).

    This will be work. :D


  • But I like Norton AntiVirus :-)

    • “The world’s most trusted antivirus solution”

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