Well, Power Achiver just ruined my day!!!!

  • I am new to this prgram and i had 15 large folders that I needed zipped individually. There are hundereds of files in each of the 15 folder all with many subfolders. In the end, I was expecting to end up with a total of 15 Zip files. One for each folder.

    So I used your batch zip too to do it and after waiting a very long time i found out that it zipped every single file within all the folders and subfolders seperatly.

    I didn’t want thousands of diferent zip files each with a single file! :mad: What kinda censoredcensoredcensoredcensored is that. What kinda idiot would want that? Why would you even program it to do spmething like that? Are you guys mental? :eek: It should have gave me 15 zip files with a folder in each one. I chose it to save the files in the same location as it is using. Do you know how much time it is gonna take me to go through very folder and subfolder and subfolder to get all of the zips so that I can re do it with WINZIP!!! :mad: YOU HERE ME……WINZIP!!!

    It’s a good thing I didn’t pay for this stupid program. I was gonna buy it but I know see it is censoredcensoredcensoredcensoredty programming

    Thanks a lot for nothing

  • Before you shout al kinds of things :mad: .

    Discribe exactly what you dit. Only then there while somebody try to help you.

    As far as you discribe it it wil probably whil be a wrong setting. :confused:

  • @jingato:

    Do you know how much time it is gonna take me to go through very folder and subfolder and subfolder to get all of the zips so that I can re do it

    If the original folders didn’t contain any ZIP files, why not just search for all ZIP files and delete the search results. If they did already contain ZIP files, search for ZIP’s created after a certain date/time (ie. after you originally started the PA batch operation). Couldn’t be easier!

    I do agree the current behaviour is a bit odd though. I have a funny feeling the behaviour you require (ie. create separate archives for each folder) is on the wishlist. Maybe for 9.5!

  • conexware

    If you use batch zip, it will create an zip file out of each file added to the list. If you add 10,000 files, it will create 10,000 zips.

    There is even an warning in help file - “Please use Add Folders with caution - if you add your Program Files folder, you could create thousands of archives.”


    As deipotent mentioned, by using windows explorer and its search function you can easily find and delete those zip files.


  • I must appoligize for my outburst yesterday. It was just that I spent hours reorganizing all of those folders and was too lazy to zip then induvidually myself. I did see the warning, but I thought when I read your help file and it said you can click add file ti add, or add folder to add, I assumed if you clicked add folder it would just make that folder one by itself. I guess not. It would be nice to be able to do that though. It would be very helpfull.

    I’ve been playing around with the program and it does have some nice features that winzip does not. One thing that I lke iis the explorer style view. I like being able to see all the subfolders.

    One question though. Why is it that when I open a file, it take like 5 seconds to read it, then dsplayes it. And if I click on a different folder in it it needs to read it again, each time. If I open it in winRar it is instant. Is there a reason for this?

    Thank you, and sorry again for the trash talk


  • conexware


    Explorer view is still a bit slower when handling larger number of files. We are hoping to improve it for 9.5 version. We cant be perfect, what would be left for next versions? :-).


  • Just wanted to post this link incase anybody is looking to batch zip folders wihout having all seperat files. It took a lot of searching, but I found one and it works pretty good. It is called PPP


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