Patches that don't reinstall Powerarchiver every time

  • Every time Patchbeam installs a newer version of Powerarchiver, its pretty much like a new install. it asks you to choose what icons you want where as well as other settings, which is annoying if you forget to uncheck the ones you don’t want on the install. Isn’t it possible for Patchbeam to just update Overtop of Powerarchiver silently and adopt the older Powerarchiver settings without going through a full install routine every time?

  • Alpha Testers

    Good idea.

    It always annoys me to have to say Yes I do want the Queue and no I don’t want the icon on my desktop.

    Why can’t it default to the options I chose last time?

    Also a little annoying is that even when a reboot is required after installation the installer defaults to running PA after installation “completes”. But it hasn’t completed properly because I haven’t restarted Windows yet!

    By the way the reason I don’t want the icon on my desktop is that the icon the installer creates doesn’t seem to be reliable in that it often changes to the default image for a .exe after a few updates. So I create my own desktop icon pointing to POWERARC.EXE and displaying the icon from POWERARC.EXE rather than the icon from some obscure installer file that sometimes seems to cease to exist after further updates.

  • Complete agree with this suggestion.

  • like the idea but in practice things like this can cause major problems not least how long do you hold a patch on the download server etc. With not having patches you actually only have to do one version of powerarchiver instead of patches and a trial version.

    Patches are only good if you have everything as modular and can update only that part of powerarchiver. In truth that may not actually work properly as you would have to have another component telling you what patches are installed in powerarchiver.

  • conexware

    from PA 2017, we will have proper patches like before… so in practice, updates will be between 200kb and 2 MB in size and of course no new installation.

  • conexware

    this has been added to PA 2017 few months ago. Thanks.

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