File Rename in ZIP archive is not working

  • Prerequisites:

    1. Use the latest version of PowerArchiver Toolbox.


    1. Open some ZIP file containing two or more files.
    2. Select to rename one of the files contained in the ZIP file.
    3. Provide a new name and press OK in the rename file dialog.
    4. Notice how nothing seems to happen.

  • conexware

    thanks, checking it out!

  • conexware

    Tested here and rename worked.
    Tested by right clicking a file inside archive and then Rename
    or selecting a file and then Rename from the Action menu.

    Please send us a sample archive that reproduced it on your machine along with your settings(in a Cab file) to support at conexware dot com and we will attempt to reproduce it that way.


  • I forgot to mention something very important, Namely, the name of file I tried to rename was very, very long, over the NTFS file name (path) limit of 250 chars.

    Maybe that is the problem?

    Knowing that the file name is exceedingly long, I tried to rename it.

    Does this help?

  • conexware

    Thanks for the info.

    Here I have a 263 character filename to which I added characters to rename and it worked. Also removed characters to a shorter filename, also worked.

    Maybe we can give it a try with your sample file and settings as described in my previous post. Hopefully we’ll be able to reproduce it then.


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