Internal build: PA 2016 16.10.01

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    Internal release: PowerArchiver 2016 16.10.01

    *** New internal release with latest changes. Next build expected Monday or Tuesday 9. May. 2016.

    Also testing exported resolved list from our new Jira tracker.

    Whats New:

    PA-74	Task	add new korean update to the installer
    PA-82	Sub-task	Create offline help installer
    PA-34	Improvement	Add file information for archive in extract/add dialog
    PA-55	Improvement	explorer view: with hdd save location
    PA-96	Improvement	Add/check support for PSF skins
    PA-95	Improvement	add MBs in progress window
    PA-80	Improvement	Improve offline help language detection
    PA-42	Bug	Vitual Drive does not translate to Korean on Autodetect
    PA-25	Bug	Cloud: Clear Saved Settings not being applied for OneDrive
    PA-10	Bug	cloud: black border around treeview, despite skinned window
    PA-52	Bug	Spanish version text display issues
    PA-17	Bug	wrong color for treeview when out of focus in dark skins
    PA-37	Bug	color coded list in modern skins should work the same as in classic
    PA-9	Bug	ftp: after finished queue dropdown does not show any setting checked, we do not know what is selecte
    PA-45	Bug	Larger Bz2 file slow at extraction and progress bar not moving.
    PA-88	Bug	paes.exe much larger in 16.03.01 vs 16.02.04
    PA-76	Bug	PA 2012 nag screen comes up in PA 2016 Backup
    PA-90	Bug	Classic display style does not refresh file list



  • Alpha Testers

    Internal Build?
    Should ordinary users like me test this?

  • conexware


    Internal Build?
    Should ordinary users like me test this?

    PA Super User? Yes!


  • 1. Space between boxes is not equal.
    2. text is not aligned on the left of the box
    3. text on the right is to far.
    4. And most important. All the colors are black.

    See image.

  • Last to options are missing a _ shortcut.

    See image

  • When saving or importing a reg file, maybe a message saying it done? Now it looks like noting happened.

  • conexware

    thanks guido!

  • conexware

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