Weird happenings with .MSI files

  • I’m using the latest build of PowerArchiver 2016 16.00.69 on Win 8.1 Pro.

    Why is it that when I right click on .MSI files, the “Compress To…” options are not shown?
    Only “Extract To”… options are shown.

    I have the following options disabled:

    • Check for self-extracting ZIP, ARJ, ACE, BH, LHA and RAR files
    • Check for self-extracting CAB files

    I’ve also checked File Formats for any .MSI extension (none are shown)

    I assume that unless its a file associated with PowerArchiver (MSI file is shown as an executable file, not a PowerArchiver file), I should be shown the “Compress To…” options.

    Please assist.

  • conexware

    MSI is treated as an archive, so extract options are shown (this has nothing to do with associations)… however if you go to PowerArchiver> submenu you will see Compress To… option. You can move it to the root shell extension window instead of PowerArchiver> Compress To:, if you wish.

  • Strange.

    Got it…thanks.

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