Problem extracting subfolders

  • Hello,

    when I attempt to extract a subfolder (from a self-extracting executable), strange things happen:

    The archive looks like this, in the tree view on the left:

    • [1]
      ** PLATLIB
      *** adodbapi
      *** isapi
      *** [etc.]
      ** SCRIPTS

    I want to extract only the contents of the PLATLIB folder, so I select it in the tree view and click “Extract Files”. In the “Extract” dialog, “All files” is selected, “Selected files” is grayed out. None of the five “Options” are selected.

    After extracting, I get a folder that looks like this:

    • adodbapi
    • isapi
    • [etc.]

    PA has extracted the contents of the selected folder as top-level folders in the target, then dropped the other folder from the archive into there as well.

    I suppose the correct way to do this is to select the contents of the PLATLIB folder in the right pane first, but if PA works any differently depending on what is selected in the tree view, I think it should not intermix files/folders this way.

    This happens with both 2015 and 2016 RC2.


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