CRC Errors: real or bug?

  • Trying to grab network drivers from Broadcom:

    I downloaded 64-bit versions of 57xx drivers and NetLink/NetXtreme (also 64-bit). I extracted the files with PowerArchiver, but it reports a CRC error extracting both ZIP files. Curious, I extracted the drivers using Windows Explorer and received no error. I then used “unzip” under Linux and got no error. I tried again with PowerArchiver (just for good measure), and got an error. I tried a different computer with PowerArchiver and got an error.

    I’m using PA 15.03.04. I tried both Windows 7 and 10.

    Do these files really have a CRC error, or is PA reporting the wrong result? I’ve never had a CRC error reported to me before.

  • conexware

    we will have to check it out, it is unlikely that it is reporting fake crc error. Maybe some incompatibility with the tool it created the archive.

    thanks for reporting it!

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