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  • Up front…

    Right now, I don’t have a file to test the below feature, so maybe PA supports it, maybe not, I honestly can’t tell.

    Some time back I had this situation that I needed to extract an .exe (program) file.
    I was recommended to use a tool named “Universal Extractor”.
    On this forum I could fine 1 thread only.

    I used UniExtractor at the time, but lateron I wondered as to whether PA could do the same.
    At the time I just used the portable version of Universal Extractor, extracted the file and the thing was over and done with.

    Can PA do it?

    It seems to be a specific feature: checked WinRAR - it is not on their feature list.

    Did not check any other tools.


  • conexware

    All archivers can do it, but may support different files. Just right click on exe if you have PA installed, and you will get extract menu if that file is supported.

  • Thanks.

    Well, frankly, I am not sure if ‘all’ archivers can do this extract .exe files that include setup files.

    I had to do some digging and found the file that I had some issues with at the time.

    Potplayer64.exe (potplayer is a media player)

    For some reason it was recommended to extract the .exe
    and it Universal Extractor was recommended.
    However, I first gave WinRAR a try, that did not work.
    With some shame I have to confess: I did not try PA, more or less assuming it would not be able to extract the .exe either, i.e. it would
    get me an error, same as WinRAR.

    Just tried.



  • conexware

    nice1!! :)

    Worked just fine in PA I assume?

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