Recommendations for backup software?

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    I do not want cloud backup. I have a service and am happy with it.

    I do not want imaging backup. Tried it and didn’t like it.

    I want a program that will backup the files I specify efficiently (without insanely slowly down the system), on a schedule, and with some decent options (exact copy, plain copy, versions, etc.).

    I have used a program I liked (SecondCopy) for at least a dozen years. Never thought I would change. But they are now on beta 4 on Version 9 – after starting on beta 1 some 7-8 months ago.

    It is still plagued with nagging problems. I keep trying it, finally uninstall the beta and reinstalling version 8. This is getting tiresome.

    It is time to look for an option.

    However, I am not having any luck. I keep find online backups and imaging software. But I don’t want either.


    I would appreciate your guidance.


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