Feature needed!

  • I see that the newest versions of SecureZip have the feature to encrypt filenames for .zip archives. When these .zip archives are open in PowerArchiver, the filename is shown, and when it is clicked on it asks for a password. If the password is entered an error: “The password is incorrect” is displayed. I think it would be great if this feature could be included in our PowerArchiver! Sorry for posting in the wrong discussion thread.

  • conexware

    you mean it wont extract the file at all, or it wont show proper filename?

  • When the .zip file with encryption (with encrypt filenames also checked in SecureZip) is opened in PowerArchiver the individual files are shown with numbers. The numbers count in hex. (1-9 a-f etc)

    Double clicking on one of the files brings up the password entry dialog box. Entering the password brings up an error “The password is incorrect” -and the file is not decrypted.

    If “encrypt filenames” is not checked in SecureZip’s options, the created encrypted .zip file will open perfectly fine in PowerArchiver (showing all original filenames), and then entering the password will allow decrypting and viewing the files.

  • conexware

    thanks, we will check it out. I dont remember this correctly, but I know that encrypted filenames is only part of zip spec thats patented. I have to investigate this further.

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