Shell Ext. - Creating SFX

  • Can you add a new option to Shell Ext. menu (for archives)
    e. g. “Create self-extracting archive + Options” ?

    It should work like standart “Create self-extracting zip”
    but before creating EXE
    it must show “PA SelfExtractor” dialog
    (like PA main wnd > Actions menu > Make EXE file")
    or SFX Wizard
    (tools menu > SFX Wizard)

    As for me , Make EXE dialog is better then the Wizard
    But you can add an option to the Configuration Dialod
    so users can select what they want to use:
    dialog or Wizard

  • I support this idea ;)

  • at the moment if you come across a zip or cab file ythe shell extensions if selected will give you the option to creat a sfx file.

    what i think you want is to be able to sauy zip or cab in one go to a sfx file even if you don’t have a archive already

  • Sorry, maybe I don’t understamd your reply properly…

    I want to be able to set advansed SFX options (like Overwrite options, default extraction directory, sfx caption etc) when creating EXE file with shell extensions…

    Thanks, :)

  • now i understand you want more advance features with the sfx shell extensions we already have avaliable.

  • Yes

    With current “Create Self-Extracting zip/cab” option in shell extensions
    we can convert archives to sfx without setting up any options…

  • Just came across this post, and I wasn’t confused at all:

    • the current shell extension does not let you set any of the important options for a SFX like the Default “UnZip To” Folder which are possible in the interface driven method to create the EXE

    I would definitely like to see this improvement in the shell extension to create SFX as well. Whatever default options are being used this way are things I would never actually use unless I was only ever creating and recreating the same exact SFX :rolleyes:.

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