Bug - OpenPGP Key Manager

    • Pressing ENTER when typing the private key passphrase, to revoke or sign a certificate, will report an error and break the certificate.
    • Session cache problem when generating certificates without closing the OpenPGP Key Manager.

    Cache problem:
    After generating a certificate, OpenPGP Key Manager will cache your passphrase and the certificate information - session cache.
    If you try to generate another certificate, all the fields will have the previous certificate information and the wizard will jump the “enter passphrase” field and will use the previous passphrase.
    Conclusion: If you need to generate more than one certificate you’ll need to close and open the OpenPGP Key Manager to clean the session cache.

    Keyboard ENTER problem:
    Pressing ENTER, when entering the passphrase for the private PGP key, to revoke or sign a certificate, will not make the Wizard step forward. You’ll have to press the window OK button and after that you’ll get an Access Violation Error.

    Despite the error the revocation or signature will succeed and the certificate integrity will be ok.

    But, if you press ENTER two times and then you click OK, you’ll get two Access Violation Errors,

    the certificate status bar will not respond and the following Access Violation Error will popup

    and if you close and open the OpenPGP Manager, the certificate will be broken.

    If you press ENTER tree times you’ll get the following errors and a broken certificate:

  • conexware

    thank you, we will take a look for upcoming release!

  • conexware

    We were able to reproduce the issue and are logging it in for fixing.
    thanks very much for the details, we appreciate it!

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