Strange Profile Behaviour

  • Behaviour without custom profiles (greyed out profile dropdown menu)

    • Modifications to compression parameters are saved for the next compression work.

    Example - ZIP Compression

    1st compression work (arrows=changed parameters)

    2nd compression work (PA keeps last parameter changes)

    Behavior with custom profiles (dropdown menu will show the ShellExt default profile and the user custom profile)

    ZIP Example:
    “ZIP Default” = Powerarchiver “ShellExt: ZIP Default” profile
    “Profile 1” = user custom profile

    If I choose the profile “ZIP Default” it will behave exactly like in the previous example. It will show the last parameter modifications and will not reset to the assigned configurations in the “Compression Profiles - Configuration Menu”.

    If I choose the custom profile, the compression options will reset every time to the assigned configurations in the “Compression Profiles - Configuration Menu”. Correct behaviour.

    ShellExt: ZIP Default Profile (strange behaviour)

    Custom Profile (correct behaviour)

    Conclusion: What’s the purpose of including the Shell Extension Profiles in the Compression Dropdown Menu, if they don’t behave properly (reset parameters to the profiled setup)?

  • conexware

    ZIP Default is default profile that saves last used settings… Every other non-default profile will not. We chose to expose it to the end user, so you can still configure it in profiles, instead of having to “fake” compression task in order to configure it (as it saves last compression used).

    I hope it makes sense.


  • Thanks for the clarification.

    “ZIP Default” = ZIP Last Used Configuration (not the “ShellExt: ZIP Default” profile)

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