Setting schedule for a backup job

  • Suppose you set up a backup job, and do not set a schedule then close it. You come back later and go to Backup, select the job, click Scheduling Options, select once a week and drop down says (today) once a week every Wednesday, go into Advanced Options, switch off Wed and select Friday, Ok it, and drop down still says Wed - confusing.

    And after you Close, Schedule column still says it is not scheduled, you have to exit and come back in.

  • conexware

    hmmm, lets check this out. Thanks Alycat!!!

  • Tried latest build, 15.01.05 and this is still there.

  • conexware

    Are you referring to the Schedule dropdown in the Schedule tab of the Advanced Options menu in the schedule section of the Backup?

    Seems to work fine here. It changes properly for me here according to the day I have selected, and I have tried changing days by unchecking the currently checked one and checking another one, click OK, go back to Advanced Options>Schedule Tab and the last checked day shows properly.

    Let us know. thanks!

  • Load PA, make sure it is latest.
    Click Archive top right and select Backup
    Click New and enter say Test
    Click Scheduling Options
    Change to once a week
    Change say Tuesday to say Wednesday
    Item does not appear in list

    If it was an existing, schedule would not have changed

  • conexware

    sorry for the trouble, if you don’t mind, please post a screenshot of the said list where the item does not appear.
    that will probably help me get it and i will take a look :) :)


  • There were 3 existing backups, I created a new one called test, set up a schedule, and closed it.

  • conexware

    ahhh I see, thanks for that! let me check it out

  • conexware

    Hey Alycat, please try clicking the Refresh button, that is shown in the above screenshot, immediately after adjusting and closing the backup, does it properly show then?

  • Hadn’t noticed the refresh, and yes if I click it the new backup is included … but I don’t see why I should have to, I used PA to create it, surely it knows about it ;)

  • conexware

    PA Backup gets lonely sometimes and just wants some attention :D

    spwolf will know for sure, but a future version of might refresh the window automatically.

  • But I hug my PA every day! :D

  • conexware


  • conexware

    i was thinking to make it refresh with all files from the default backup folder?

  • When you click say New, enter a folder, set up your job, then click close, why not get that screen to send a message to the main screen (with the now out dated list), to pass the folder used and to tell it to refresh? Obviously I do not know all the details of your program - but that is just what I would have tried in my software.

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