Column headers wrong on Library folders…

  • Not sure when this may have been introduced, I’m really only noticing it now since installing PA 2015 (Congrats on the release) and doing a fresh configuration on this version.

    As shown in the screenshot, when selecting a Library folder under the Folders tree on the left, the column headers become incorrect in the file list window on the right:

    • The ‘Size’ column header gets changed to ‘Date modified’
    • The ‘Date modified’ column header gets changed to ‘Size’

    Less of an issue - but still unnecessary IMHO - is that what is otherwise shown as the ‘Item type’ column header when in a physical folder also changes to just ‘Type’ under a Library folder.

  • conexware

    this was always a case, due to some component issues with libraries since they are not actual folders.

  • I’m not sure what kind of component issue you’re talking about, whether or not a library is a real folder I’d have thought you would still have full control over what you display in your own UI. Maybe you’re just hosting Explorer inside of that window or something…

    On the other hand - I really only use PA from the context menu extensions anyway so it doesn’t really bother me specifically… just figured I’d report something that was clearly not correct.

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