Jump List Strangeness

  • If I set ‘number of recent items to display in jump lists’ to zero, all the items in the PA jump list disappears and not just the recent items.

    I don’t know if that is how jump lists are supposed to work, but it does not look right to me. I do not want the recent items but would like the other stuff.



  • conexware

    thats how they work… great job MS, right? If they did not set default of 9, we could have had great jumplist that would be very, very useful…

    So basically limit is to all of the items on the jumplist, not just MRU.

  • The thing is, I have a program that is not affected by that setting and always seems to show its jump list…that is why I asked. Also, pinned folders pinned to a windows explorer taskbar icon are not affected either.

    The program that never loses its jumplist is ‘WinSnap’ (brilliant screenshot program).



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