User Interface Bug

  • There is a user interface bug in which it doesn’t change the file extension back to ZIP after selecting ZIPX.

    Steps to reproduce bug…

    1. Select file/folder to compress in Windows Explorer.
    2. Right-click on it, choose Compress To… and then Compress with Options.
    3. The method should be Deflate (.zip, compatible).
    4. In the method drop down choose Optimized (.zipx).
    5. Note how the file type extension doesn’t change to .ZIPX.
    6. It also doesn’t change back to .ZIP when selecting Deflate (.zip, compatible) again.

  • conexware

    We will check it out for next release, thanks.

  • Banned

    I do not see the same behavior.

    Admittedly, I have the default ZIP PROFILE set to zipx. However, if I change to deflate, the ‘x’ disappears from the file name; if I change back to optimize, the file name extension returns to zipx.

    Perhaps, though, I am misunderstanding the problem.

    Or there is another setting somewhere that affects this behavior.

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