Dual listing of folders in one window – but not the other

  • Banned

    In the navigation pain, two of the folders are listed twice: one starting in upper cases; the other, in lower case.

    They are listed only once in the contents window (see the attached image).

    I must have checked some wrong box somewhere. Ideas?

  • conexware

    interesting… is this a zip archive (in pae)?

  • Banned

    Yes. PAE encryption. I think it is a zipx archive.

    It does not appear that anything in missing.

    It seems to be thrown by the fact that some of the folder names are capitalized and some are not.

    So the problem seems more cosmetic than substantial. But I have some fear that something more significant is lurking 'neath the surface.

  • conexware

    do they show same contents of the folder?

  • Banned

    as far as I can tell.

    Here’s my thought. When I created the folders, I did so in Explorer and drug them into the PA window. I think the first letter was capitalized.

    But PA (because of some setting somewhere), forces the folder names WITHIN the archive to be lower case. So the names get duplicated.

    That isn’t a good thing, I suspect. But as I said, I do not appear to have lost any data. Just curious . . . and careful.

  • Banned

    Under misc. / general, I have checked ALLOW all lower case letters. But the net effect of checking this box seems for FORCE all lower case letters.

    So that is something that I think should be fixed. FORCING them to be LC is NOT the same thing as ALLOWING them to all be LC.

  • Banned

    UNchecking that box does NOT make a difference in the look of the archive. So much for my speculations.

  • conexware

    yeah, that would not be it… when did you first create the archive?

  • Banned

    Nine months ago. And I have updated it 12-15 times.

  • Banned

    I copied all the files to a temp directory and recreated the file.

    The dual listings of folders has disappeared. Now all the folders are listed once . . . all (in both panes) beginning with a lower case letter.

  • conexware

    it is possible that one of the alpha/beta versions of last year added saving of folder letter case… this is possible in ZIP format - you can have 10 folders with the same name for instance… it is just confusing and usually we dont do it that way.