PAOP install silently with settings

  • Hi all,

    I’m new here, so just a little description for beginning.
    I’m a french guy who works in Lyon (FRANCE). We wants to install the Power Archiver Outlook Plugin (PAOP) 2013 on our Windows 8.

    I need to know if there’s a possibility to install the plugin silently with settings.
    We are using the .msi to install PAOP but we need to set :

    Minimal filesize : 200 kbytes and
    Check the box : name based on first attachment

    Did someone know somethings for that?

    Maybe by the regedit editor?

    Thanks a lot

    PS: sorry for all mistakes in English.

  • conexware

    Customer contacted us via web chat and got the info… in the future, we will put up more PAOP info to the:

    For the purpose of search, PAOP is using this key:

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