How to zip to exe different files individually

  • Having a list of documents located in various folders… on screen.

    • to zip these files individually (so not all to 1)

    • the zip to be stored in the same folder where the source file is located

    • files should be selfextracting .exe files

    • would like to do that from a context menu option

    • when the files are to be extracted they should be extracted into a folder named after the file

    • one pw for all files

    Right … pretty complicated :)


  • conexware

    sounds like all you would need is the SFX format added to the Batch tool, as it can do everything you mentioned except the SFX format.

    let’s see what Spwolf says, if it’s doable we can put it in the wishlist for PA 2014 :)

  • Yes, I guess so. I have edited my post, it should read … source file… (not source folder which was in my initial post) and added 1 pw for all files.

    Let’s say it is a bit like when I am searching for all *.txt files in all subfolders, it will find various files in various folders.
    Now select the files and rightclick compress to individual, pw-protected .exe files.
    (I seldomly use the GUI, only use context menu, is much faster)

    Did not check if any other archiver/zipper can do this though.


    1. Add examples of batch zip
    ======[1]=====Adding multiple files to be zipped - note new pw thing==

    ======[2]=====before and after===

    Maybe it could be considered to add a batch zip to exe profile?
    (Options->Compression Profiles) and have that added to context menu?

    Just a suggestion …

    later: maybe this one should be moved to the wishlist part… :)


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