Founded bugs(winrar5, wim) in PA v14.05.01+localization text

    1. When I am trying to extract a data from the winrar5 archive which is protected with a password and have encrypted filenames, I get the issue: “Error: The password is incorrect”. I can only open this file in PowerArchiver to view.

    1. Program could not open the *.wim files from Windows 8.1 april updated ISO image.
      I could open it only when I replaced your 7z.dll with the new one from 7-Zip 9.32 alpha published on 2013-12-01.
    1. In russian version of your program not all text is visible.

    The word Переименовать on the button.

    The word Профили near the profiles field.

    The phrases in dropdown list:
    перезапись, если различный размер
    перезапись, если различный размер или дата

    The word Программы above the orange rectangle.

    The phrases:
    Включать системные и скрытые файлы
    Шифровать архив (.PAE)

    The phrases:
    Показывать диалог Добавить при создании
    Показывать “Открыть архив” при запуске
    Включить поддержку прозрачного обновления 7-ZIP
    Использовать .zipx расширение для расширенного сжатия
    Добавить в "Просмотр последних сообщений"

    Localization errors still on 14.05.04 version.

  • conexware


    thanks for sending your report. We have an test release for unrar issue, it was reported by someone via support system earlier:

    let us know if that works. Thanks.

    1. The problem with winrar5 archive with encrypted filenames extraction is solved.

    2. The problem with new *.wim files opening is solved. May be it could be a little bit faster, but it’s working fine.

    3. I hope the problems with russian text will be solved later.

    Thank you for the quality work.

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