Best formats, recovery, etc.

  • Banned

    I continue to have trouble identifying the best overall format.

    There are four main issues (and several subsidiary ones) I see:

    1. speed of compression
    2. degree of compression
    3. speed of extraction


    1. likelihood of corruption and the ability to repair corrupt files

    I realize 1-3 depend in part of the type of file, the size of the files, and the number of files. Still, it would be nice to PA were to do an annual test that you posted online showing the strengths and weaknesses of each format.

    I have not paid enough attention to 4. According to web sources (not always dependable) RAR formats include a recovery record that other formats do not. Is this correct? If so, is that not a compelling reason to use RAR for especially important data? If so, can you add RAR to the PBS options?

    Or, as a way around it, perhaps you could add an option that would create 2-3 versions of a file automatically so that we could be sure compressed vital files were safe. So, click a button on a compressed file and PA tests it, and then makes a converted copy in a different format.

  • conexware

    You can not have speed and compression strength at the same time - it is like slider between speed and compression strenght. I suggest using ZIP as it is faster.

    If there was an error during compression, then PA would show the error.

  • Banned

    In my case, I may need compression more than brute speed since I move my files between work and home via a remote server. So a smaller file uploads faster.

    Always an error message? Using all formats, or just zip?



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