Impossible to open PAE

  • Hi,

    trying to open PAE with the latest PA version, the Window to enter password appears a quarter of a second then disappears ! No time to catch the pass, and so it’s impossible to open the encrypted file… :confused:

    Thanks !

    French translator

  • hi !

    no ideas ?

    I just reinstalled latest version, still cannot enter password, so my PAE is still encrypted !

    thanks a lot

    French translator

  • me again,

    as I can’t open my PAE with shell extention, I went to the encrypting tool and tried this way to open something :
    for each PAE i have, I always get the following warning “Error while unsecuring”…

    This is with v. 14.02.05

    It used to work well with former versions…

    I’d like to get a reply because I need some of my files.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Hi Phil,

    Is it possible the files have been corrupted? Typically the error message “Error while unsecuring” is displayed when there is a problem during the decryption process.

    I have no doubt you are using the correct password so it is either;

    1. A fault with PowerArchiver
    2. A corrupt PAE Archive
    3. A fault with your computers registry causing PA not to work correctly.

    What i would suggest is to uninstall PowerArchiver completely and delete the entire “PowerArchiver” folder within your MyComputer’s program files.

    If not already download ccleaner “freeware” from Periform and run a full Clean and Registry clean. Then reboot your computer and repeat this process until all redundant registry items are cleaned.

    Then download the latest version of PowerArchiver “14.02.05” and install, reboot your system after completion and try your PAE file.

  • thank you

    PAEs are not corrupted, I can open them on another machine using PA 14.02.03

    It’s a bug within PA (I already desinstalled, cleaned PC with jv16PT, reboot and reinstalled… same behaviour !

    good day sir richard

  • conexware

    Hey Phil,

    didnt see this message - sorry!

    Go to your Config: Security options and check “use same password for same session”.

    It will then work… we will fix it in next update.

  • yes !!! great great great !!!
    thanks !

  • conexware

    you can also always email us directly for super fast response, sometimes we miss things on forums.

  • merci ! :)

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