Shell extension Test option not working

  • Hi. I am using version 14.01.06 Pro, which seems to be the latest one. I have upgraded from version 13.x hoping it will resolve the problem with RAR file described by me in other thread. Anyway, that way I got another bug.

    Windows 7 x64, using shell context menu extension option “Test” on a ZIP file. System seems to be busy few seconds (possibly loading that file) and after that in the progress dialog I got 100 % complete and “all files OK” message. The file itself is not tested at all. How do I know that? Because I don’t belive it would take 5 seconds to test around 10 GB file ;). If I double click it and choose Action > Test, testing works fine, taking around 5 minutes to complete.

  • conexware

    Thanks, confirmed and logging it in.

  • conexware

    The issue was fixed in the latest update.
    Give it a check and let us know.

    Thanks for reporting it :)

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