Extract Files dialogue does not work with Libraries - Windows 7 64bit

  • When trying to extract files from PA, the dialogue box does not update the current output directory if you select any of the libraries. As you can see from the screenshot, even though Libraries->Documents is selected, the output directory still shows as C:\Games

    When selecting the Library “Documents” PA should be showing
    C:\Users<user account="">\Documents

    The same thing for Music library, PA should change to show:
    C:\Users<user account="">\Music

    Otherwise, I’m thinking that I’m extracting to my Documents folder, but instead it’s extracting these files to the last selected folder, in this case C:\Games. And I’m wondering why I can no longer find all these files I’ve downloaded.</user></user>

  • conexware

    it seems it only ignores root of the library…if you go down one folder, it seems to work fine.

    i can tell you this has been already fixed in PA 2014, but that wont be out that soon… i will see if it is possible to do the same for current 2013 build (might not be).

    thanks for reporting this.

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