AttachmentCloud issues/questions

  • I decided to try the AttachmentCloud feature in PA 2013 v14.00.32 and have the following set of questions or issues:

    • there’s no clear description of exactly what AttachmentCloud is or what it might cost

    • after I signed up, I never got a confirmation email. So I apparently still can’t use it. If I try to register again, it says I’m already registered and that I should visit to fix any password issues. When I try to use the AttachmentCloud account in PA I get an error dialog that says “User not verified”. By the way - there’s nothing on except a graphic and a link to

    • When signing up for AttachmentCloud there’s a checkbox I have to check to proceed that says I’ve read and agreed to the Terms of Service. But there is no way to read about any Terms of Service.

  • conexware

    we are finishing test version of AC, little bit slowed down with PA 2013 release…. AC is meant to be used from inside ZTE and PA. I will check manually your account later on. Thanks.

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