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  • Hey folks,

    I wanna share with you some of my thoughts on Powerarchiver and see if I am missing something or not.

    I’ve been using Powerarchiver for quite some time (I would say over 5+ years) and keep renewing my subscription year after year because I really believe this is one of the best products in this area.

    I’ve recently renewed my subscription to the 14.00 version but for my surprise I saw almost the same product in my computer. Checking the “Whats new” page I see some small improvements but unfortunately at least for me most of them are useless.

    I understand PA folks needs to feed their family and the money basically come from our subscription but my point is … and please PA Folks dont get me wrong … is there any really significant improvement for PowerArchiver to occur or we are getting at a point PA does not have much space for improvements anymore?

    Again dont get me wrong and lets keep this forum productive.


  • conexware

    how do you mean you see same product? PA 2013 has a lot of improvements over 2012, it is pretty big release… even the interface has changed a lot.

  • conexware

    if you think 2 brand new applications - Encryption Suite and Cloud browser are useless, then you best start writing into wishlist forums on what do you want form next version of PowerArchiver and not let us “guess” what you would like to see there.

  • conexware

    thats the best way to get features you actually want inside PA.

  • Regarding some of the features you mentioned like Cloud is kinda useless for me and the Encryption I barely use so… as per the interface I am sorry but seems almost the same for me. Again I saw the whole list of improvements from 2012 > 2013 and I feel the list is not that expressive like you are mentioning.

    Look. Once again do not get me wrong dude and I would be more than happy to participate in the wishlist forum if I had any idea. Unfortunately not everybody is creative enough to come up with nice ideas and I am on that list. I am on the side where I want to help subscribing so you guys can keep the good work.

    My point is quite simple … I feel like I paid for something I am not gonna use (which does not mean these features are not important for someone else) … I am so confident on PA that I simply bought the new version without even saw the list of new features or improvements and now I am just asking what we can expect in the future. Nothing else.


  • conexware

    all i wanted to say is that tell us what you want :-).

    If you use classic, not much can change… modern skin changed. ZIP compression/extraction is faster, sometimes double the speed… RAR 5.x was added. lots of small improvements as well.

  • conexware

    appreciate the support too… we work on PA all day and night, never stop… already started on 2014.

  • Banned

    I have found that some features I initially found not very useful (PAE) I now use fairly extensively; others I use (Virtual Drive), but not as often as other people do.

    Some – like pbs – are essential to me. It provides a simple way of keeping two sets of computers in sync without having to rely upon the cloud.

    So I applaud the team for their improvements, even when some that I could in principle use (like PGP) I don’t use simply because I don’t know many people who have PGP. But one day . . .

    So applause to the team for their demanding and creative work.

  • if you actually look at the changes some have been added to enhance pa. if pa was not developed you then wouldnt be able to open some zip files or rar files. if you look at pa they fix problems, that occurr with different versions of windows. what i’m stating is that pa actually fix bugs and make sure you actually can work with archives in the knowledge that you wont loose your precious data. if you take the com,petition some dont fix bugs they blame it on other s9oftware. be lucky pa actually do something.

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