PowerArchiver 2012 Backup Script Issue

  • Yesterday I installed a registered copy of PowerArchive 2012. The create several “Backup” scripts. Upon creation of the scripts the last dialog changes to “Do Backup”. Upon clicking “Do Backup” each of the scripts work fine. Then I noticed a “Run” button. I would select the script I wish to run and click the “Run” button. At that point nothing much appears to be happening. I do see the disk light flashing. If a process is “Running” a running process dialog should open listing the process and showing a percentage complete message. Can someone please help?

  • conexware

    Just tested this, and I notice that the Backup application starts and opens and is then minimized to the taskbar, so just take a look in your taskbar and it should be there.
    Once you click it, you’ll see the backup window compressing your backup files.

  • Mili thank you for your quick response. It was just not obvious that the process was running. Is there some parameter setting that can make the process run as a window by default rather than minimized to the TaskBar?

  • conexware

    You’re very welcome.
    I have attached a screenshot showing what to select in the backup configuration in order for it to appear fully.
    In the dropdown shown, Minimized is selected by defauly, So, simply select “Normal” and the backup will appear when selecting Run.

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