Extracting TAR Files

  • Hi All,

    i have been wanting to extract a tar file to my PC hard drive.

    i have used the command [tar -xvf /dev/st0 filename] in linux. this has worked but i cannot find it on the hard drive. i can locate it very easily in linux but not on my PC.

    1. is there an extra command needed to put the file onto the PC hard drive?
    2. have i used the correct command?


  • To start with - welcome.
    Sorry, but it is not clear to me what you are asking (I now little about Linux).

    As a start, if you want help on using the Linux TAR comand - try here (found via google)

    If you are asking for other help - remember this is a forum for PowerArchiver (a Windows program) :D
    As such, Linux help may be very limited (and slow).

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