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    I have some problems, questions, and observations. These don’t neatly go into any of the categories, so I put them here.

    • Some of the links on the Wiki help page don’t work. Under “make exe” options, there is the following sentence: “Click here for more info on advanced extract path options.” the “here” hyperlink doesn’t work. [What IS the syntax for documents folders?]

    • I wonder how much of the Wiki help page is out of date. E.g., if states that you cannot make SFX files from AES encrypted files. Still true? If so, how DO you make exe’s from encrypted files? In general, if you are going to use the Wiki as a help file, it should be updated as changes as made to the software.

    • I would like to see the ability to make SFX’s from RARs.

    • Once I discovered that I couldn’t make SFX’s from RARs, I tried to convert them back to a format where I COULD make SFX’s. To no avail. So I found myself wondering if your convert utilities handles RAR5 format. Does it? If not . . . I could be in serious trouble. Why? 'Cause I made many of the other files RAR files since I found it was not only quicker, but also often more compressed than either 7zip and zipx.

      I have been messing with this for nearly an hour. Does SFX only support ZIP formatted (and unencrypted) files.

  • conexware

    I will check it out on monday… shouldnt be out of date. For encryption, 7zip SFX works the best. There are several different SFX formats supported: zip, 7zip, cab.

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