Compress with FTP (to optional sites) from shell

  • Banned

    I thought this was already a feature. If so, I would definitely like it reinstated.

    If not, I would like it added as a feature, preferably as soon as possible.

    Currently from the shell, if you use selected compress and ftp, user cannot choose to WHICH ftp site the file should be uploaded.

    The user CAN selected the desired site, but only if she does not first compress the file(s).

    I want to be able to compress the files from the shell and THEN choose the destination FTP site.

    And while I am at it, I would encourage you to include an option within profiles to specify the default folder not only on the server side (which you now do), but the default folder on the computer side.

  • conexware

    so you select an zip file and you don get ftp option? Check in Shell Extensions, it should be there in Config… maybe when you uninstalled recently, you lost the option?

  • Banned

    The option to compress and FTP the file is there. But it does not include the option to chose WHICH FTP profile to use.

    The option to choose profiles IS available, but only if I do not first Compress it.

  • conexware

    aha, so compress and ftp to > profile

  • Banned


    Sorry that I was unclear.

  • conexware

    ok, i wrote it into the feature wishlist…

  • Banned

    Thanks. It’s there now, albeit in a slightly different form.

    Very helpful.

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