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Cloud - multiple issues

  • Banned

    It may be that all these are on the agenda to add soon. But in case they have been lost in the shuffle:

    1. I no longer receive a notification that the file had been downloaded (before I used to get 2 notifications for each download).

    2. It would be nice to add the time zone for the AC download site.

    3. I tried to set up a 2nd (and 3rd) AC account. I never received any notification that said accounts had been established; hence, I cannot use them.

  • conexware

    we are going to rewriting all the server code starting next week… are you sure that emails are not getting stuck in spam?

  • Banned

    I was on the lookout for emails . . . so I think I would have noticed them in the spam filter.

    At you talking about the notifications of download . . . or the authorization link?

    I am sure I would have caught the first; I suspect I would have caught the latter.

    I just send a file via AC; I downloaded it; no notification.

  • conexware

    we will see once we start work on “real” AC… then we can troubleshoot it thoroughly.

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