[Bug] Wrong place for Regkey "DatePA"

  • It seems that PA creates a value “DatePA” directly under [––] which is not removed with deinstallation. Please make sure that all keys from PA are created under the corresponding PowerArchiver key.

    If I remember rightly a condition for the “Designed for Windows XP” program is the removing of all registry values and installation files with a deinstallation.

  • weird…I guess this is kind of a bug…

    no other apps that I know of write any value directly ingo HKCR folder!!

  • conexware

    How else you propose to have PA’s “trial” date start set? It certainly cant be set in main PA’s folder in registry, and this is much better solution than having an file hidden in your Windows subfolders… And of course, by simply uninstalling and installing software, you cant be able to reset it, this is how every piece of commercial software with trial works (leaving an key or file somwhere), except that PA never expires.


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