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    I am trying to decide if I normally (or ever) need to use queue. I can see where it would be beneficial to someone who commonly uploads a dozen 100 mg files at the same time.

    However, for the normal user, who, like me, probably only uploads a couple of files a day (and most of those are between 50–100 mg), it seems there is no reason to use queue — certainly no reason to check the option to always use queue.

    Correct? Or am I missing something?

  • conexware


    Queue is enabled by default in order to prevent the over-consumption of your CPU, as you already have said. Each user uses PowerArchiver differently and even though it may not be always used to extract/compress many and large archives at a time, queue is enabled in case the need for that occurs and that the CPU does not get overloaded, affecting your other work.

    Having queue enabled, does not affect your PA experience in anyway if you do not use it that way. :)

  • conexware

    if you dont need it, then you dont need to use it :-)

    But otherwise, it is pretty small and doesnt consume many resources…

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