Archiver Converter [BUG] - Date - Missing Folders

  • Hello, i found a “folder Date” bug in conversion of archives. After conversion looks all OK … but if you unpack the converted archive, date for all folders and sub-folders doesn’t match to date stored in archive.

    This bug occurs for all converted archives types (7-zip, cab, rar, tar, Lha, Bh …) except zip. (after unpacking all dates for “zip” are OK)

    "Rar" archive: There is a another bug. If you convert archive eg. from zip -> Rar all folder structure is lost. There are only files no folders. Message “Some archives have not been converted”

    Note: DATE bug
    Similiar bug “Add to archive…” for all archive types (except zip)
    “rar” date and folders are not stored

  • conexware

    Thanks! Logged them in.
    Nice find :)

  • conexware

    fixed RAR issues in Converter in latest update, please update via Patchbeam and let us know… thanks!

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