Minor glitch with PBS

  • Banned

    A minor glitch when running a PBS. Sometimes (but not always) when I run a PBS it is finished, but the “Finished” dialogue box doesn’t open. So I have to manually close it.

    Then get the attached error message.

    The file was compressed and uploaded.

    It is only a minor annoyance. My only concern is that one day I will close it down prematurely, and the file will not be uploaded completely.


  • conexware

    Checking it out :)

  • conexware

    Works fine so far….keeping an eye on it to see if it will reproduce.

  • Banned

    It does not happen every time; roughly one in three. I cannot figure out anything else that is different that might be the cause.

    Sorry for the hassle.

    Just find it odd. Never started happening until after the early Sept. update.

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