Remembering encryption (again)

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    Good day.

    I had an earlier suggestion which you partly implemented.

    I am wondering if you can fully implement this at some point.

    I wanted PA to “remember” if a file was encrypted so that when I added a file I did not have to choose encryption — and the type of encryption.

    Once upon a time, whenever I would drag and drop a file to an encrypted archive, the encryption option was always set to disable. Since I do this probably 20-30 times a week, I thought it would be nice for the system to know / remember that it was encrypted.

    It now does – sort of. But once I drag and drop any file on an archive where I DON’T where the files are NOT encrypted (and change the encryption level to disable), then the system forgets every other encrypted file on my system. Once I reset it on every other encrypted file (6 of 7 of them), then the system “remembers” that it is encrypted. That is, it remembers until the next time I want to put a file in an unencrypted archive.

    Put differently. I have to set the encryption level on every frequently used archive for the system to remember it for any of my files, but if I disable it on even one archive, it disables it on all of them until I reset each one by one.

    While I have you, I would like to reiterate my request to allow move – as well as copy – to archive, perhaps by holding down the Shift or Control key when I drag and drop.


  • conexware

    it remembers last used setting, not archives.

    Otherwise, PA can detect if you have an ecnrypted file in archive… but what happens if you have 10 encrypted and 10 unencrypted files, which is easily possible in ZIP?

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    At least you understand the concern.

    If I have 10 archives I regularly use, nine of them are encrypted and one isn’t, then changing the one changes all 10.

    Wouldn’t it be better if it “recognized” that the file were encrypted?

    Perhaps I am wrong, but it seems there should be some way to avoid this problem. 'Cause the fix, for me, isn’t really much of a fix.

    BTW, I NEVER have a mix of encrypted and unencrypted files in the same archive, and I suppose I would have thought that was true for most people. I have a fairly good imagination, but I can think of only a few very odd circumstances where I might do that (although I don’t do it AT ALL).

    Then there is the other proposal I have made several times (sorry for being such a pest, but I know this is doable).

  • conexware

    it is not the archive, but files inside - inside same archive, you can have both encrypted and unencrypted files… how do you decide what setting to automatically show you?

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    But the system doesn’t really remember the last setting. I have to reset EVERY encrypted archive to encryption for the system to remember.

    If I had to do this only once, it would be unfortunate, but not a serious problem. But as I said, Once I add a file to an unencrypted archive it is NOT enough to reset that option of one archive. It changes that option until I have reset the option on all my encrypted archives. So if doesn’t JUST remember the last setting. If the last setting is to disabled encryption resets the option on ALL encrypted archives.

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    I think a set of my interrelated concerns could be solved if you had an option for a ZIPX profile as well as a ZIP profile (see the attached image)

  • conexware

    You can make your own ZIPX profile by creating a new ZIP profile with, say, Optimized(Zipx) compression which you can use.

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    I have that, but it does not show up as an option in the profile window I showed up in the last image.

    Indeed, by default, you now have ZIPX as a default profile . . . but it doesn’t show in the first or second of the two drop-down windows (format and profile).

    Does that indicate that there is a problem with my set up somewhere?

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    A solution . . . connected to a phenomenon I mentioned in an earlier thread.

    If I change the format from ZIP to anything else and then back to zip, THEN I can see options in the drop-down profile menu. But I have to change to some other format first . . . and then back._

  • conexware

    do you have several profiles setup, or is this about default profile? Is it only in drag and drop window or everywhere where there is profile option?

    i just created profile named zip encrypt and showed up in main window add screen, main window drag and drop and shell extensions?

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    Drag and drop – which is about all I do.

    Also, a profile I created before you could rename name, shows up once I changed profiles and changed back. It also shows up in the FTP drop-down profile options.

    Any way to get rid of this name in the profiles. I looked at the registry, but it was reluctant to tinker since it appears 4-5 keys are interlinked to define those profiles — and I was afraid I would leave one or delete the wrong one.

  • Use PowerArchiver’s backup tool that creates a registry copy of your configurations.

    Then if you mess up PA’s registry to a point it wont work just double click on the PA Backup you made and that will recover you working config settings.

    There is no risk to you OS by modding PA’s registry… Belieave me i’ve been in there allot.

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    The old profile is gone and PA seems to be chugging along just fine.

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