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Windows 8 - File Association

  • Hi,
    I just installed the latest version of PA and have observed the following.

    As per most applications on Windows 8 - you need to right click and open with selecting a program as default, even after that you normally have to go to Default Programs, select default programs, find the name of the program and apply all defaults. Unfortunately PA is not showing up under the programs listed for this to be applied.

  • conexware

    thanks pjb, logged in!

  • conexware


    please check with latest release from:


  • Hi,
    I have checked with the latest installer.
    Here are my findings.

    W8 still does not recognize an application making it default handler, that seems to be W8 not just a issue with PowerArchiver.

    After install, Right Click, Select open with Default, applies the correct icon overlay.

    Control Panel, Default Programs now does indeed with this latest version show PowerArchiver listed. 🙂
    (Tested on VM as reverted my main PC back to Windows 7)


  • conexware

    default “ask if you want to use association” is how they want it to work….

  • Seems to be the case… Unlike W7 & before the application would do it if you put it to, W8 have included additional steps to make you use an application as default.

    At least with this version you have now released it shows in Default Programs so that the users can put it as default, were as, as originally posted PA did not show up, therefore users would not have been able to do so. 🙂

    W8 just adds to many steps to things that before W8 were so much more simple.

    Good work on getting a fix so that users can eventually navigate W8 they way MS seem to want them to, to make PA the default handler.

  • conexware

    not sure why they added all the extra work… we can workaround it for sure, probably in one of the next releases. I dont think many people will know where to go.

  • Cool. Great to know.
    Great that it will help non technical users 🙂
    I have today found your product is not (was not) alone with the issue of it not showing in the default programs, PDF Exchange is another that does not show up. I guess MS love giving you developers extra work - shame they don’t pay you to fix your products they break! 😉

  • conexware

    thats because it was required from us to actually register for this separatly from normal associations, so it is actually double work 🙂

  • Could someone tell me how I can change my profile a little. It says I do not have access….I realize this might not be the right place for this question.

  • conexware


    Could someone tell me how I can change my profile a little. It says I do not have access….I realize this might not be the right place for this question.

    no you cant link back to your site in profile, no editing of profiles are allowed, next time you get a ban from forums as you are here to get a link back not discuss PowerArchiver. Thanks.

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