Windows 8 File Explorer crashes

  • I haven’t seen this posted anywhere else so hopefully I’m not repeating a known issue.

    I’m running Windows 8 final and the current version of PA. It works fine, except that sometimes when I do an operation (most commonly extracting files via the contextual menu items) the Windows File Explorer (shell) will quietly crash and reload. Open apps seem unaffecrted, but the taskbar closes for a few moments as well as any non-program windows. The taskbar reloads and all is (usually) well. Anyone else have this issue?

  • conexware

    are you sure this is due to PA?
    PA shell is used when you right click the file, everything after that is actually calling main pa.exe.

    I am running Win8 final and didnt notice it so far…

  • one way to test this.

    try a different file manager and pa and see if the problem occurres if it doesnt then its a windows faliure

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