• Banned

    Two questions about anti-virus.

    Webroot Identifies one of your files as a trojan: C:\Program Files\PowerArchiver\SFXS\pazipsfx_ind.dat

    No other program does (save on virus total).

    Perhaps you should notify them.

    What are the virus check parameters for Webroot (to go into the configuration dialogue)?

  • conexware

    can you send us page from virus total so I can email them about false positive?

    You need to check in Webroot help for cl params, BUT if you have on-demand scanning, then every time you open, create, extract archive, it is being scanned anyway.

  • Banned

    Sorry. I had to delete and reinstall WB so I lost the precise file name . . . and my device to capture the full scrolling window doesn’t work.

    So the file name I sent doesn’t show up ANYTHING in Virus Total. But I notice that papasft_ind.dat in the same folder shows up on 4 anti-virus programs.

    So PA virus checks within all archives even without the parameters?

  • conexware

    PA doesnt, but your antivirus does…. any file being accessed for any reason on your computer is being scanned automatically by your antivirus.

  • Banned

    The parameters are unnecessary?

    Is this true with Bit Defender?

    Does getting Toolbar now include BD 2013?

  • conexware

    unless you disable your AV, then they are… You get the license to BD IS, whatever the current version is, as long as your subscription is current, you get to use the latest version.

  • conexware

    these false positives are annoying, even if it is fot sfx files… they need to do their job better.

  • @spwolf:

    these false positives are annoying, even if it is fot sfx files… they need to do their job better.

    I back that! I use NIS 2012 and use the Community tool to report files that are usefull but are deemed “unsafe” as it’s a non known program.

    But if you report it then within a few day’s you notice the program gets validated as safe from Norton. So they must check each application reported by the public which is a neet idea.

  • conexware

    they do it very fast usually, but you still have to do the work for them… for instance webroot responded same day and whitelisted those files.

  • The problem for antivirus companies is that virus developers make their virus act like parts of programs. They have to use a generic method of finding viruses. What they could do is request legit companies send them a digital encryption signiture that corresponds to the one on there program files, so that their antivirus software can check for it to prove the file is genuine.

    In the old days of psion hand held computers series 3a and 5 every commerical software was assigned a unique code that was only ever issued comercial companies maybe antivirus comapnies could do something like this. Then if the file is altered after creation then you know its a problem

  • conexware

    Webroot has fixed this issue few days ago, if someone notices some other AV having same issue, please do let us know so we can report it to them… thank you!