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  • Why does PowerArchiver 2012 Toolbox freeze if I try to use Disc to Image after the CD has been inserted in the BD-RW optical drive?

  • This is a technical issue that would be best raised via the support site.

    If you click on the below link and fill in the form to submit, the PA Tech guys will be able to contact you direct. Obviosly, we can use this forum for further talks, ideas, requests etc later on.


    PS: Thank you for contacting PA Forums,

  • conexware

    Thanks Richard!

    Tried to reproduce this on a couple of computers, but couldn’t get it to freeze on any of them.
    Did it exactly as you wrote to us at support.

    “From the burner tab, insert the CD-ROM in the optical drive, wait for drive
    to be ready, then click Copy Disc to Disc or Copy Disc to ISO from the
    burner tab. It freezes in either cases.”

  • This problem only occurs when using standard CD of up to 700mb but not with DVD. The PABURNER120.DLL version is modified on 12/13/2011 5:09 PM and the STARBURN.DLL version is modified on 10/17/2009 5:15 PM. Both files are in the PowerArchiver installation folder. The whole system freezes with the HDD LED light staying on constantly and ctrl-alt-del doesn’t work and there is a spinning mouse cursor. I have only one optical drive called Sony Optiarc BD-5300S-03.

  • conexware

    tried here with CD Disc, and no freeze.
    If anyone else experiences it, please let us know

  • do you have any cd or dvd copying software.

    If you have nero uninstall it.

    Some softwares change the upper and lower filters on your dvd or cd writer.

    does a cd or dvd copy ok with other software on your pc? if so its not the drive. but a conflict between pa and something installed on your pc.

  • Can someone else with the same Sony Optiarc BD-5300S drive try to reproduce this issue as it could be drive specific due to possible bug in firmware?

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