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    I spoke prematurely.

    The FTP works with FTP + SSL.

    But there is a huge problem.

    Once I use it in a pbs job, it resets the profile to SFTP – which does NOT work.

    As long as I don’t try to use a pbs, all is fine. But once I do, it’s all over.

    You might want to fix this before the new patchbeam.

    ADDITION: I thought maybe complete redoing the pbs files from scatch would help. Nope. FTP + SSL will not stick in a pbs file. It defaults to SFTP which does not work.

  • conexware

    Reproduced this, logging it in. Thanks!

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    I tried running a PBS with encryption.

    The progress bar went to 100%, but never said it was done – not even after 2 minutes after it reach the end of the bar.

    What would cause this?


  • conexware

    send the pbs to support and they will try to reproduce the issue, i have no idea… btw - does the new version work fine with FTP in backup?

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    After waiting for 2 minutes I finally stopped it — and it had worked (although the update is much slower (by at least a factor of 2) than the same transfer with FileZilla using the same encryption.

    So I will try it a couple more times and if isn’t fixed, I can just use FZ.

    Having the FTP is nice, but its not the main thing I like about PA. Your program already does so much. I cannot expect it to do everything well.

    Thanks for trying.

  • conexware

    oh you meant the sftp transfer was slow? i didnt quite understand… it should be exactly the same speed, maybe there was something else going on? ssl overhead is pretty small.

  • Banned

    I realize I was unclear. It created the archive just fine.

    And it uploaded the file (albeit, very slowly). But THAT is where the progress bar showed that the upload was 100% complete, but I never saw the “it’s finished” (sorry, don’t remember the wording) dialogue box. Finally I manually stopped it (2+ minutes later). Although there was the no notice that the PBS has finished uploading, the upload was successful.

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    After two reboots, everything went smoothly.

  • conexware

    we have tested it ourselves in the meantime, same speed between the two… it was probably something specific with connection at that particular time.

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